Joana D'arque

Who We Are?

Joana D'arque is a Portuguese company located in Braga.

Present in the market for about 30 years, Joana D'arque has been asserting its place as a competitive brand, betting on quality and innovation.

Over the past few years we have been asserting our position, in an area where the challenge is constant and stimulates our ingenuity and creativity.

We are dedicated to the universe of religious and decorative articles, where these two worlds can come together in perfect harmony and thus give meaning to our motto, "Innovate in Tradition".

All of our articles are found in polyester resin, better known as marfinite.

The manufacturing process is done manually, by a team endowed with total commitment and dedication to each piece.

Sacred art is undoubtedly the line that requires more detailed work, we appeal to religion through our art so that the Faith lasts.

In decorative items, we have the sobriety of classic and timeless pieces, but also the design and elegance of the most modern lines.

Request to the degree of demand of the market and to meet the expectations of our customers our main bet is and will always be quality.